Rochelle Dishmon

About Me

Throughout my professional career I've previously held management as well as subordinate positions in industries such as real estate, marketing and sales and technology. Although I hold a BS in Business Management, I'm currently learning Full Stack Java in a bootcamp environment.

I consider myself a people person and enjoy working with any ethnic or international background. I also enjoy learning, and I am a forward-thinking self-starter. Challenging tasks are enjoyable because they allow me to accomplish a goal, learn a new skill,or uncover a deficiency in my current skillset.

Staying active by engaging in healhty activities is a great way to stay active and enrich my mind and body is one way I self develope. Travel is aalso a favorite activity of mine because it affords me the opportunity to learn something new in a relaxing environment. Volunteering is one way I give back to my community to make a positive difference.

My future goal is to utilize my newly acquired skills as a Software Engineer and continue to development professionally using trending technological applications for a Fortune 500 company.

Contact Information

  • Local: Clevevland,OH
  • Phone: 440-319-0061
  • Email:


I have created java projects utilizing github/bash. The varius projects were constructed utilizing methods, containers, constructors, classes, extensions, and interfaces.

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